Ways to Overcome Labor Shortage in Construction Industry

The construction industry faces many challenges in building new and renovating old structures. But the topmost challenge faced today is the acute shortage of construction workers. That has slackened the growth of the construction industry. . Also, hiring an unskilled worker adds to the woo, since he is more vulnerable to injury on site which is dangerous to both workers and the company. 

As per Fox News, 80 % of construction firms are having a tough time filling positions. Another report suggests that Construction projects are increasing and so are the jobs, but still there is a rapid rise in the unemployment rate. 

So, if there is a job opportunity and large number of job seekers, then why is the construction industry facing labor shortage? The answer is quite clear; the job seekers are disappointed with the current scenario prevailing in the construction industry. And thus they try to seek a job in other lucrative industries..

How do you tackle labor shortage to fill up the large void in numbers?

Below we have compiled a few effective solutions to help you circumvent the problem.  

1. Effective training program:

An effective training program will help enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of employees. And help them perform work more efficiently and maintain a high-quality standard. This will also enable the company to keep existing workers and do more work with the same or a fewer work-force.

Proper training will help workers in operating different types of machinery without any mishaps. Also, the work will be faster and it will ensure more earnings in the future. This in turn will attract workers from other industries to come forward to join the construction field.

  • Attract young blood:

Young people are always on a job hunt but the construction sector is the last they opt for. Implementing an effective training program and utilizing modern technology on construction site will create an opening for young workers to join the construction industry.

For effective learning, extra support and training should be given by experienced and ageing workers. This will help in passing knowledge to the younger generation. Offering stipend to workers undergoing training along with a permanent position after the completion of training also works best.

This will build job security and hopefully cope up with the problem of labor shortage. Offering an internship is also a better option to secure young workers even before they leave the education hall.

2. Prioritize safety measures:

People hesitate to work in the construction industry, since the accident rates are higher as compared to other occupations. Fatal injuries on construction site not only lowers the morale of the employees, but also adds on companies compensation cost.

People prefer to work in a safer environment. Implementing safety measures will not only ensure physical and emotional well-being of the employees. But will also build a relationship of trust among employees and enhance the reputation of the company. A reputed company will also attract new employees through word of mouth.

3. Utilizing latest technology and enhanced construction material:

This is a digital world and almost all industries are going digital. Modern technology not only speeds up the work process but also enhance the quality of the work. Construction Company should also invest in technology as it will result in quality output in lesser time with higher profitability. 

For construction, best technology begins with having an integrated construction software system, virtual reality, use of drones and robots on work-site. This will reduce the need of labor force, fasten the construction process and also minimize fatal injuries.

Enhanced construction material such as the use of control flow concrete not only fastens the process of placement and finishing but also reduces the workforce need.  

4. Use of precast technology:

Precast technology helps in curtailing on-site work. As the majority of building parts are made in remote factories and then transported to the site. Precast uses beams, slabs and columns to construct walls instead of usual bricks. Even the plastering of walls is not required. Thus the work is completed 64% times faster with lesser workforce, as compared to the conventional methods.

5. Welcome women in industrial construction:

Let women know that they are welcomed in the construction industry. In 2016 only 3% of women accounted for an apprenticeship in construction. Attracting women in the construction industry will solve the problem of labor shortage to a greater extent.

Women in construction workforce earn approximately 95.7% of what men earn. So, publicize that your organization is open to women workforce with an equal pay opportunity in line with men. Also, learn how women are treated in other organization to create a healthy and welcoming environment. And make sure that they feel safe while at work and recognize the quality of work they do.


Make your company a place that employees would recommend to other. The above methods can help in attracting leaders who will stick around for long period of time. And will help in coping up with the problem of labor shortage and provide an edge over the competitors in the market.

With Mirage Industrial Group an industrial construction company in Texas, one need not worry about completion of work on time as we try our best to implement ways to cope with the problem of labor shortage. We are dedicated to providing construction solutions for all aspect of your business.