Structural Steel Fireproofing Contactors

Cementitous FireproofingThe utilization of fireproofing can decrease the escalation of fire damage to a facility due to the failure of structural supports, and minimize the loss of other vessels due to overheating. Mirage specializes in the installation of industrial fireproofing; whether it is Epoxy-Based Intumescent Coating or Cementitous fireproofing products.
Mirage has the tools and expertise to spray, gun, or trowel any of today’s highly technical fireproofing coatings. We have the ability and knowledge to offer the field applied fireproofing and structural repairs to your facility turn-key. Our crews can perform the scaffolding, demolition of existing linings (including abatement work), abrasive blasting, painting, and installation of the new fireproofing system. The Mirage team’s attention to detail and meticulous housekeeping combine to produce a cosmetically appealing finished product which will provide years of maintenance-free service.
We are equipped to provide a cost effective installation approach to any complex or simple structural project you may have. Mirage uses only approved fireproofing material.

  • Structural steel in the field or in our shop.
  • Vessel skirts
  • Barrier walls
  • Restoration of Deteriorated or damaged fireproofing

Mirage Industrial Group is recognized by lsolatek International to purchase and install CAFCO® industrial products.