Tank Farm Construction and Terminals

terminals-tank-farmsMirage Industrial Group has the capabilities to install foundations of varying types and sizes. Over the years we have become proficient in installing foundations for your large diameter welded steel tanks. However, we did not stop with tank ringwall foundations. Our experienced team of professionals have performed concrete foundation work in varying industrial applications. These applications include tank ringwalls, building foundation, pile caps, pump house foundations, generator slabs, concrete spacers, anchor channel foundation, and grade beam foundations as well as the associated containment walls. Our ability to self perform this work has allowed Mirage Industrial Group to take an industrial project from its foundation to completion eliminating multiple contractors.

In addition to the concrete work, if your foundation requires piles, geo piers, or helical piers Mirage Industrial Group will coordinate design with our strategic partners around the country to offer a turnkey product.


Mirage Industrial Group will Design and Install the following foundations
  • Above Ground Storage Tank Ringwalls
  • Above Ground Storage Tank Slabs
  • Above Ground Storage Tank Pile Caps
  • Elevated Concrete Slabs
  • Grade Band Foundations
  • Generator Slabs
  • Industrial Building Foundations
  • Concrete Tank Floors with Anchor Channels (Flat and Coned)