The importance of personal protective equipment for the construction industry

A well-known quote says “It is better to lose one minute in life than to lose life in a minute.”

Always Remember

  • For dangerous jobs always wear PPE 
  • Select appropriate PPE, depending upon your job
  • In case of any uncertainty, always seek further advice from an expert

Many fatal accidents occur due to not using or improper use of PPE’s during the work. Although PPE cannot eliminate the hazards; it can help to reduce its severity

  • PPE should be selected depending on the type of hazard and required protection
  • Before using PPE, proper training should be availed
  • PPE should be stored and maintained with due care
  • If found defective, PPE should be discarded and replaced

The construction sector is important and a vital part of infrastructure development which gives the country’s economy a required boost. In recent years, the construction industry has witnessed enormous growth. Each year there are high numbers of fatal injury accidents reported in the construction industry.

Workplace hazards are something that cannot be avoided especially in occupations like mining, construction, chemical laboratories, etc. Yet from an organizational perspective, with the use of Personal protective equipment (PPE), these hazards can be minimized. PPE are  equipment that are intended to protect the wearer or the user against any health or safety risks at work, as defined by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website on 25th June 2015.

PPE includes items like safety helmets, gloves, safety footwear, eye protection, safety harnesses, and high-visibility clothing, as well as respiratory protective equipment (RPE). Every PPE is made up of specialized materials appropriate for one specific use. The different types of personal protective equipment fall into different categories in terms of what part of the body they protect and what function they provide.

Safety equipment provided on the job should adhere to the Personal Protective Equipment Regulation, and that it is most operative when it meets the correct fit, size, and height of its operator. 

Health and safety is a multi-step process that consists of the workers at the site, supervisors, nearby people, managers, etc. Competent site supervision and effective management of activities is the core in maintaining healthy and safe conditions. In construction activities particularly, greater the risk, greater the degree of hazard control and management are needed.

Now let’s glance at some of the reasons for the importance of personal protective equipment in the construction industry:

  • Lesser workplace injury

Every organization must keep in mind that a loss of workers is equal to loss in productivity. Whenever a worker is injured on the job, a company has to face lost work hours, possible litigation, worker’s compensation premiums, and increased insurance rates. This is associated with a loss of one manpower which is acute. Also, there is a loss of productivity when other workers have to discontinue work to deal with the injury. PPE thus becomes a mandatory part of the working ecosystem as one cannot afford such disturbances.

  • Safety helps in improving quality

Safety is equal to quality. Safety can result in safe workplace trends and more efficiency. By providing an efficient and clean work environment one can ensure workers can focus on quality, reduce distractions. Thus integrating PPE helps to boost production and amplify customer loyalty.

  • Lesser Sickness Absence

Lost time due to sickness absence is a great loss in payroll. Although sick or injured but still the employees need to be paid. This means lost payroll costs without productivity. The use of personal protective equipment in construction or any other hazardous work thus helps in reducing sickness and injuries and more payroll time is spent efficiently.

Final Words:

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is the last line of defense for the different parts of the body when all other ways to control the hazards are futile and the body is head-on with the damage associated with that hazard. If PPE is not there or it fails in its objective, injury is definite to occur. This aspect focuses on the importance of PPE which in turn necessitates that it should be comfortable to use at the same time effective and efficient in providing protection.

Safety should not end with the closing of the workday; rather it must extend to all aspects of our lives.

Wear your PPEs and Stay Safe!!

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