Owner: United Brine Services, LLC
Project: Clemville, Texas – Brine treatment plant
Engineer: Cont, Jumper, and Gardner Associates
General Contractor: Southwest Industrial Group
Project Type: Lump Sum $ 723,000
Total Man-hours: 3,297
Status: Complete

Project Description

Mirage was contracted by Southwest Industrial Group to install 8 tank ring foundations 5 at 50’ diameter and 3 at 77’ diameter in Clemville, Texas for expansion of existing Tank farm.

Work Performed
  • Excavated 3,200 cubic yard of dirt
  • Hauled in 4,100 cubic yards of select fill
  • Placed 250 cubic yards of 4,000 PSI concrete
  • Placed 46 tons of rebar
Key Accomplishment
  • Effectively completed the project with 0 recordable injuries.
  • Project was in on schedule and under budget.