Owner: Southcross Energy
Project: Bonnieview Butane Loading Station
Engineer: BHP Engineering & Construction L.P.
General Contractor: Turner Industries
Project Type: Lump Sum $ 1,190,000.00
Total Man-hours: 9240
Status: Complete

Project Description

Mirage was contracted by Turner Industries to install a 100,000 square foot truck loading station in Bonnieview Texas. Complete with scales and truck terminal station. The area had to be built up with 2’ of limestone base due to localized flooding in the area. Then install an 8” slab on top of the base using 4000 PSI concrete.

Work Performed
  • Hauled in and placed 8,000 cubic yards of dirt fill
  • Hauled in and placed 10,000 tons of limestone
  • Excavated for other trades on site to install utilities
  • Placed 2,100 cubic yards of 4,000 PSI concrete
  • 360 linear foot of 24” RCP with Safety end treatments
Key Accomplishment
  • Completed the project in 10 weeks. To facilitate the off loading of the first truck on schedule and under budget.
  • Effectively completed the project with 0 recordable injuries.
  • Due to load restrictions concrete had to be delivered in 7 cubic yard loads
  • Excessive rains of over 16” flooded the job 2 times, essentially covering the entire site