Owner: Formosa Plastics Corporation
Project: LDPE Concrete Super Structure, Trenches, and Area Paving
Engineer: Formosa Plastics Corporation
General Contractor: Mirage Industrial Group
Project Type: $2,300,000.00

Project Description

Mirage was contracted by Formosa Plastics for this very urgent project due to our reliability and efficiency. This critical structure had a very tight schedule, 120 days start to finish. The three tier concrete superstructure was constructed atop large concrete footers tied into 60 foot driven concrete piles. In order to accommodate the high pressure piping this structure would house, engineers required level and plumb of less than 1/16“. The high pressure piping was affixed to the structure via > 200 meticulously placed steel embed plates that were poured monolithic into the columns and beams.

Work Performed
  • Layout
  • Pile cutoff
  • Material procurement and installation.
  • Formwork / shoring EPC
  • Cast-in-place concrete columns and beams
  • Cast-in-place concrete trenches and accessories
  • Concrete paving

This project was 100% self-performed, completed on time, and QA/QC was flawless.


Accelerated schedule and very precise QA/QC requirements.

Other contractors outside of our contract working in the area made coordination outside of our firm critical in order to meet schedule requirements.

Form package and shoring engineering and material procurement had to be expedited to make this project successful.