Owner: Formosa Plastics Corporation
Project: HDPE-3 Access Roads and Site Works
Engineer: Formosa Plastics Corporation
General Contractor: Mirage Industrial Group
Project Type: $900,000.00

Project Description

Mirage was contracted by Formosa Plastics to clear, survey, grade, and achieve drainage at the virgin site. Roadwork consisted of 333,000 SF of lime stabilized subgrade, limestone base, and chip seal. The newly installed roads held up wonderfully as Mirage then trucked in 16,492 tons of limestone to install material laydown yards.

Work Performed
  • Layout
  • Site clearing  
  • SWPPP  
  • Drainage  
  • Cast in place concrete headwalls  
  • Lime stabilization  
  • Lime stone base installation and compaction  
  • One course chip seal at roads  
  • Geogrid and limestone placement and compaction at laydown yards 

This project was critical due to the entire expansion depending on the safe, proper, and timely installation of the siteworks for other trades to mobilize and begin work on this portion of the 5 billion dollar expansion. Mirage self-performed every aspect of this project. 


Completion of the job within allotted timeframe to prevent delaying the unit construction activities.