Owner: Formosa Plastics Corporation
Project: Jetty Conveyor Foundation for New Coal Fired Power Plant
Engineer: Formosa Plastics Corporation
General Contractor: Mirage Industrial Group
Project Type: Lump Sum $ 2,228,000
Total Man-hours: 16,264
Status: Complete

Project Description

Mirage was contracted by Formosa Plastics to install the Jetty Conveyor Foundation that stretched from the Port of Port Lavaca to the new coal fired power plant over 1 mile away. Mirage was responsible for installing foundations on top of existing hollow plank concrete dock. Drill shafts with spread footings and pier caps, bridging over the existing cooling water reservoir, and Electrical Grounding.

Work Performed
  • Driving 21 Pre-cast pilings
  • Installed 218 slurried drill shafts
  • Excavated 5,000 cubic yard of dirt
  • Placed 1,900 cubic yards of 4,000 PSI concrete
  • Placed 180 tons of rebar
  • Installed 1,100 Galvanized anchor bolts
  • Effectively completed the project with 0 recordable injuries.
  • Successfully maintained an excellent working relationship with the Port of Port Lavaca, Joslin Power, and Formosa Plastics.
  • Mirage had to dewater and maintain a nine million gallon cooling water reservoir, while maintaining the marine life in the cooling water reservoir.
  • Mirage had to cross three separate properties while maintain secured access through homeland security restrictions.