Owner: Formosa Plastics
Project: Fractionation – II Plant Site Development and Heavy Haul Road
Contracting Agency Address & Phone:
Formosa Plastics
201 Formosa drive
Point Comfort, TX
(361) 987-7000
Amount: $1,623,000.00

Project Description

Mirage was contracted by formosa plastics to develop new fration ii plant grass roots project

Work Performed
  • Hauled in, spread and compacted 24,000 tons of limestone base
  • Hauled in spread and compacted 15,000 cubic yards of general fill
  • Lime stabilized 400,000 sq.ft. Pad
  • Installed 2,400 linear feet of 6’ chainlink fence
  • 700 linear feet of drainage pipe
  • 18,000 sq. yd. of heavy haul road
Key Accomplishment

Completed in 60 calendar days so owner could start new expansion on schedule


Scheduling and coordinating 1,700 loads of material to come into a chemical plant with limited access.