6 steps to our pre-construction planning

If you ever choose to work with us, you will know why we are a trusted name in the industry. We are a construction company that believes in meticulous planning before we proceed to the execution step. Every step is thought through and planned well ahead of time so that you aren’t caught with last moment surprises.

The success of any construction work depends on the preparation and planning phase. Meticulous planning helps to save time, unnecessary expenses, and most importantly, avoid any safety hazards. Hence, pre-construction planning is extremely important before constructing a building.

In this blog, we intend to describe our six-step pre-construction planning procedure.

Step 1. Understanding Client’s Requirement

At Mirage Industrial Group, we strongly believe that we should get to know our clients well and vice versa before we partner for any construction or renovation projects. It is extremely important to get to know each other well to understand the project well before we get into the execution phase. So, at the first step, we set up a common platform to brainstorm and know the requirements well. 

Step 2. Work on Project Design and Specification

Once we know each other well, we work to have the project design and specifications in place. These are important parameters for us to work on the budget. This comes in handy especially when you have a customized project requirement where simple per square foot budget doesn’t work. We will also address some common issues for project renovation work during this step. 

For example, we will ask you if you need any assistance with product selection. If you have special accommodation needs like an ailing family member, a pet, or a child we will get that addressed during this phase. Tile 24 reports, tentative and final project budgets, logistic planning, permit acquisition, etc. are also taken care of during this phase.

Step 3. Project Proposal and Timeline

We understand that you are about to spend a fortune to get your dream building constructed by us. We value your money and your time too and hence we ensure we offer value to every penny you spend. After mutually agreeing on the specifications and the overall project design, we will offer you a construction proposal. This will be detailed paperwork including minute details like the scope of work, breakdown of project price, anticipated project timeline if everything goes well, fixture responsibilities, allowances if needed (although we try our best to eliminate unnecessary expenses or out of scope work), apart from if you have any other special requirements.

Step 4. Work on Project Planning 

Next, we move on to project planning and pre-staging. This step ensures that your construction project is completed within time and budget. We carry out several activities at this step which depends on the complexity and nature of the project. Some of these include permit application if needed after finalizing the plan, secure and close on all the final products, pre-ordering of custom materials, and more.

Step 5. Start Construction Process

We are one of those rare industrial building construction company that focuses on attention to detail. Our project management system and construction managers work hand in hand for the smooth progression of different stages of the construction site development.

Step 6. Project Completion Phase

Let’s face it. You love to see the beginning of your dream project. But at the same time, you can’t wait to get it over and have it ready in front of your eyes. For all of our projects, we work in a specific timeline so that they don’t linger on for months. At every step, we maintain a detailed checklist of finer details that need your attention. When we are towards the project completion phase, we will sit across with you and go through the checklist to ensure there is nothing left out. We declare project completion when we mutually agree upon that everything is done and dusted and nothing is missed — not even the minute details. 

Wrapping Up

Founded in 1999, we offer complete end-to-end concrete construction solutions from pre-construction to construction. We are known as the industrial construction company that doesn’t compromise with quality, safety, budget, and schedule. Our working principle is based on Incident and Injury-free philosophy that stands for our level of excellence in whatever we do.